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Wrapping up 2017

Well we are finally moved into our new house so I’m finally getting a chance to get organized and start preparing for the new year. Can you guys believe its almost 2018?! I know I can’t and it’s making me feel WAY older than it should.

With all the organizing lately I have been sorting through photos from this year. While it felt like the craziest year ever, looking back at these photos shows me that it was so good, even in the midst of the craziness.

We spent some time traveling to Florida and Boston, got married, bought a house, sold a house, bought a business and somehow managed to keep our 6 year old smiling. Which isn’t difficult, he’s a happy little man and loves his mama! He’s been playing a lot of hockey and asking if he can go see the statue of liberty. Some kids want Disney, mine wants NYC!

Next month I am turning 30 (how did that happen?!) which probably has me reflecting more than usual. I feel like that happens to most of us at a “milestone” birthday. So I have been making goals for next year and one that is really important to me is to blog more about our family. Life is passing us by and I want us to remember all the fun we had when we are looking back one day.


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