I'm Kirsten! Mom, wife and photographer born and raised in the midwest. I'm all about travel, tacos & hanging out with my dogs. 


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What’s in my bag? Well, to start out, I’m a Canon girl through and through! When I started buying photo gear I would read blogs and reviews to make sure my purchase was a smart one, cameras and lenses can get CRAZY expensive! So please don’t think that’s what you need to start taking awesome […]

To first look or not to first look? If you’re planning a wedding, chances are that you’ve heard the term “first look”. If you haven’t heard of it or you’re having trouble deciding, this is for you. For those of you wondering what a first look is, it’s when the bride and groom see each […]

Allison and Travis waited a long time for this day and it was perfect. These two met back in high school and have come so far together. Before I continue, let’s go back to their high school years and those moments when they first started dating. When I arrived at the hotel room that morning, […]

Three years ago I met Kasey at a wedding where she was a bridesmaid for one of her best friends. (Hi Sophia!) I was thrilled when she reached out to me about her wedding and I knew it was bound to be a TON of fun! Kasey and Gabe share similar personalities, which are never-too-serious […]

Salann and Mike’s love story started way back in middle middle school but it didn’t get serious until they reconnected years later. (Does anyone else feel like this is the beginning of a Nicholas Sparks movie?) Their relationship started as best friends but after many twists, turns and changes, it evolved into a love that […]

How did I become a wedding photographer? This question is asked all the time but not just by my clients. My friends, family, vendors and even complete strangers wonder how on earth I chose this as a career and the answer just may suprise you. It wasn’t a big dream of mine and honestly it […]

Duluth is such a beautiful city and the perfect backdrop for the start of a love story. Laura and Eric are UMD alumni’s and college sweethearts. They chose to come back to Duluth for their wedding because it’s part of their story and they love the natural beauty of the area. The first time Eric […]