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I'm Kirsten! Mom, wife and photographer born and raised in the midwest. I'm all about travel, tacos & hanging out with my dogs. 


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What’s in my bag? Well, to start out, I’m a Canon girl through and through! When I started buying photo gear I would read blogs and reviews to make sure my purchase was a smart one, cameras and lenses can get CRAZY expensive! So please don’t think that’s what you need to start taking awesome […]

How did I become a wedding photographer? This question is asked all the time but not just by my clients. My friends, family, vendors and even complete strangers wonder how on earth I chose this as a career and the answer just may suprise you. It wasn’t a big dream of mine and honestly it […]

Hey friends! Today I am sharing with you the best investment I ever made in my business, Honeybook. In 2016 I was managing clients through the use of excel spreadsheets and reminders in my planner. Reminders to follow-up, email, payment reminders, gifting, wedding dates, session dates.. you get the idea. Lots of things to remember, […]

My Favorite Podcasts For Business And Marketing In the last year I have become increasing obsessed with podcasts, especially podcasts for business and marketing. I love listening to them in the car, in the office, when I’m flying and going for walks. They have been a way for me to learn more about business, marketing, […]

Hey y’all! Spring Break season is upon us! If you’re going wheels up on you’re next adventure read through these tips to help you capture your trip and remember it forever. To take these tips and 2 more with you on the go by downloading this cheatsheet I created for you to keep handy on […]

    Wondering where to begin with your camera? Looking for some photography tips to help you get started? You’re not alone! I remember exactly how overwhelming it felt trying to learn my camera just so I could get a few good photos of my little guy. It’s ridiculous how much information you have to […]

      So you have the camera, lenses, lighting and all the practice, now your wondering what to wear as a wedding photographer, right? Wonder no more.  I remember searching blogs, Pinterest and the good ole google machine when I first started shooting, wondering what the heck should I wear?! (cue the last minute […]