I'm Kirsten! Mom, wife and photographer born and raised in the midwest. I'm all about travel, tacos & hanging out with my dogs. 


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What’s in my bag? Well, to start out, I’m a Canon girl through and through! When I started buying photo gear I would read blogs and reviews to make sure my purchase was a smart one, cameras and lenses can get CRAZY expensive! So please don’t think that’s what you need to start taking awesome […]

How did I become a wedding photographer? This question is asked all the time but not just by my clients. My friends, family, vendors and even complete strangers wonder how on earth I chose this as a career and the answer just may suprise you. It wasn’t a big dream of mine and honestly it […]

We rang in the new year with a day on the water fishing in Florida! Part of my New Years resolution is to focus on writing more and worrying less about perfection with said writing. I originally wanted this blog to document life but it quickly became work focused. You will still hear all about […]

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing with you a little peek into our family photos in Florida! I’m so so excited about these because I’ve been meaning to have them taken there for the last few years because Florida is part of our story. We love the community we stay in, the friends we’ve made and […]

    Well, we just got back from spending the weekend in Key West to celebrate a milestone birthday for myself. turning 30! I don’t know how that happened because I feel like I just turned 20 last week! My 20’s were good to me but I’m excited to move on to new adventures in […]

Well we are finally moved into our new house so I’m finally getting a chance to get organized and start preparing for the new year. Can you guys believe its almost 2018?! I know I can’t and it’s making me feel WAY older than it should. With all the organizing lately I have been sorting […]

Last weekend we went wheels up to Boston, a city we’ve been eyeing for quite some time. Mainly because of the history (I’m a history buff) and my husbands love for the TV show Cheers, where everyone knows your name. They didn’t happen to know our names at Cheers but we did meet a nice […]