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How I Became a Wedding Photographer

How did I become a wedding photographer? This question is asked all the time but not just by my clients. My friends, family, vendors and even complete strangers wonder how on earth I chose this as a career and the answer just may suprise you.

It wasn’t a big dream of mine and honestly it scared me thinking about the responsibility. If you wouldv’e asked me ten years ago if I would become a professional photographer, I would’ve laughed. I was on the route to become an advanced practice nurse and looking into grad school when I quit everything and made the GIANT leap into starting my own business.

In high school I started photography courses and fell in love with studying light, developing film and understanding how cameras work. I absolutely loved it but it never occurred to me that photography could be a career.

After the birth of my son, my love for photography peaked. I wanted to document everything, baby butts and all. Perfectly posed photos didn’t interest me at all, it was the candids I was obsessing over and the way they told a story. Stories I never want to forget – from lazy afternoons with him to birthdays and traveling. I still have all of those photos and love reminiscing.

In 2013 I bought my first DSLR and 50mm lens, ohhh the possibilities! The camera was confusing to me (SO MANY BUTTONS!) so I began learning more about photography through books and courses. After a few months I saw an enormous improvement in my photos and I couldn’t put my camera down.

After friends and family members asked me to take wedding photos, I was hooked. Even though I thought I would be terrified, I wasn’t at all. Instead it was a rush of excitement and allowed me to stretch my creativity. The following summer I filled up my calendar with weddings and never put on scrubs again.  

As I’m writing this, I’m going into my 5th year of business. I’m so thankful I took such a big leap of faith when starting my business because I truly love what I do.

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