Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Morning

Bridal suite at Pinewood Event Center and Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Morning.

Have you thought about what it’ll be like the morning of your wedding? It’s probably hard to imagine, as you’re not sure the emotions you’ll be feeling, plus there’s probably a ton of stuff that needs done. I’ve put together some tips for a stress free wedding morning on your wedding day. 

Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Morning

If you don’t have a wedding planner, then I suggest you have a day of coordinator. This person can help relieve a lot of stress on your wedding day. They can handle the vendors, help you stick to your timeline, and take care of any mishaps that pop up. I highly suggest you hire a wedding planner!

The day will surely go by fast, so be sure to eat breakfast or have snacks in your getting ready room. Making sure you eat will give you energy during the day to keep up with everything that needs done before walking down the aisle. 

You also want to make sure you’re organized, especially if you’re not getting ready at your home. I suggest making a list of ALL the things you need to have for each part of your day. For instance, make sure you have all the things needed to get ready, like your robe, undergarments, shoes, hair and make-up items, accessories, wedding attire, etc. Get as much stuff organized as you can before your wedding day, so you don’t have that to do on an already busy day. 

You’ll also want to make sure everyone in the bridal party knows when and where to be and at what time. I suggest getting this information out to them before your actual wedding day, but also send them a reminder the morning of your big day. 

Take it all in and Enjoy Yourself

Remember to enjoy yourself! You’ve probably dreamt of this day for years, so make sure to take it all in and have fun! Have your girlfriends make a playlist to have on while you’re getting ready that will keep the mood lively. Also have the bridal party wear matching robes, and have the photographer grab some pictures.

Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Morning

And lastly, and an important one, remember to gather detail items such as an invitation, jewelry, heirloom items, rings, shoes, and perfume for your photographer. Having these items ready will allow them more time to create awesome photos of some small, yet important details.

These are just a few tips that I’ve collected over the years from being with brides from the start of their day. My biggest tip though is to take it all in, and try your best not to get too overwhelmed or stressed!

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