What to Wear for Your Family Session

It’s possibly been a while since you’ve had your family pictures taken. Therefore, I’ve put together tips for what to wear, as well as suggestions for what not to wear. You’ve got to remember, having your family photos taken is an investment, so you want these to turn out beautiful. You want them to capture your family vibe and feel special about them. Let’s dive into what to wear for your family session!

What to Wear

The first step to creating gorgeous family pictures is to speak to your photographer about the picture location. Will your session be at the beach, in a field of wildflowers, at a farm, or a downtown location? After you decide upon a place, the next step is to determine your base outfit. Typically, you start with mom’s clothing because (1) mom is usually the one who chooses the clothing, (2) mom might be the pickier one of the family, and (3) women’s clothing tends to have a better color variety. Once mom’s outfit is chosen, then you’ll want to add in coordinating colors, with a couple of neutral shades and a pop of color. If having a bright shade in your pictures doesn’t appeal to you, another option is to wear softer colors. For instance, instead of wearing a bright purple, soften the color and wear a lilac shade of purple. A few other tips are to accessorize with bracelets, earrings, or a hat. These are all great accessories for moms and daughters to complete their look. You’ll also want to make sure your clothes are comfortable, especially if you have younger kids, so that you’ll be able to move around freely with them. Lastly, stick to one outfit only. There’s no need for outfit changes, especially if you have young kids.

What not to Wear

In the second part of my blog, I want to go over a few suggestions you don’t want to do. A big no-no is neon colors. Neon is just too bright for pictures and will not mesh well with other colors. As I mentioned above, you’ll want to wear comfortable clothing, but don’t wear anything oversized. You want to wear clothing that fits you nicely and is not too big. Otherwise, you might look sloppy. Also, it’s best for mom or daughter to avert from anything too tight or low-cut. Remember to dress for the location your pictures are at. If you’re getting photos done in a field or beach, steer away from heels or fancier clothing. Another thing to stay away from, especially for the guys of the family, is clothing that has a label or logo. Although your hubby or son’s favorite clothing is athletic wear, stay away from this kind of material and choose to put them in a better fabric. As lovely as it is to see family beach pictures of white shirts and khaki pants, white is a color that washes most people out, so try a similar color like chiffon or cream. And finally, stay away from bold patterns or small prints. 

These are just a few tips that I like to pass on to my clients before a photo shoot. I also love giving my couples or families feedback on clothing ideas. It’s imperative to put a lot of thought into what you wear!

Here’s just a few examples of what to wear for your family session!

What to Wear for Your Family Session
What to Wear for Your Family Session

What are you waiting for? Let’s update those family pictures!

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